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Our Stylists

Farah Reid
The Theologian

Having dedicated herself to the lifelong pursuit of amazing hair, it’s no wonder Farah has developed a cult like following. Born into the Deborah Carter hair dynasty (Deborah is her mom) the philosophies of hair were as much a part of her childhood as eating and sleeping.

Revered as a child prodigy and catapulted to star status at a young age, she not only cuts your hair but gives it’s mere existence purpose and meaning. Having poured over the annuls of the ancients like Sassoon, Horst, Bumble and Dessange and fusing their teachings together in a Holy Grail like quest, her haircuts border on divine intervention.

Tisa Watson
The Guru

With over 30 years in the industry Tisa will take your hair on a spiritual journey. Holding hair licenses in both California and Texas and having studied Balayage in Paris, France at Jaque Dessange, she is THE authority on all things color. Having begun her vision with the Deborah Carter hair dynasty, it was only natural to seal in her legendary status with Deborah’s daughter Farah here at Little Sister.

Our only certified hair extension specialist, she can expand your mind by enlightening your locks and create a world where time and space cease to exist. Her knowledge of hair and color is unparalleled and star studded,  making sure your hair dreams are the makings of a new universe.

Ramie Pettigrew
The Seditionist

Life is happening with or without you! With this cheeky attitude, it’s no wonder Ramie is creating masterpieces daily. Recently back from an educational jaunt to Paris, the birthplace of cool, Ramie is part of our ever expanding army of senior stylists. Having cut her teeth with local legend and iconoclast Deborah Carter, Ramie pushes boundries and starts trends in her sleep.

Soft edges, bombshell blondes, androgynous rockers and bedhead babes. Mix this amazing talent with her background in film, video and print then just sit back and watch as she starts a revolution. Add in her rebellious eye for finding beauty in all of life’s natural flaws and you have a classic recipe for effortless chic.

Kacy Dominguez
The Soulmate

Sometimes you meet a person and you just click-you're comfortable with them, like you've known them your whole life, and you don't have to pretend to be anyone or anything. That’s what it’s like sitting down in Kacy’s chair. Suddenly you are old friends sharing a cup of coffee. Talking about life and it’s ups and downs. Then before you know it you feel she just gets you. And your hair.

Maybe it’s her hometown sensibilities or her winning smile. Or that she has a dog named Dude. But Kacy can talk to your hair like she has known it a lifetime. And will be it’s best friend for life. Pinky swear. She will treat your hair just like it’s her own family and make you feel so special you just can’t help but love yourself.

Lauren Valdez
The Hair Sorceress

Ever heard of hair whispering? Well you have now. Lauren graduated beauty school fresh out of High School and in under a year. No small feat in this age of ADHD and short attention spans. A child prodigy out of the gate, Lauren has been speaking the love language of hair since she started brushing her own.

With a natural talent electrifying her fingers, it is only magnified by a diabolical intensity for study. Turning the art of doing hair into Alchemy and Wizardry. It almost appears as if your hair just magically does itself. Almost. Lauren is also Deva Curl trained and certified under local legend Georgia Bramhall. A combination that is no less than ethereal.

Marisol Mares
The Specialist

Long, luxurious, kinky, curly, crazy, wavy, worry free. If any and all these words describe you, your hair or even your dreams for your hair you have come to the right place. Marisol has been training for years to be an expert in curly hair and the challenges they present. Trained under the super diva and local curl legend
Georgia Bramhall and focused on the Deva Curl way of life, Marisol is certified and then some.

Focusing on the dry cutting techniques that have rewritten hair history, get ready to have your curly locks pampered like never before. Marisol also does more wedding hair that anyone in town. From brides and bridesmaids to flower girls and mother of the bride. Making everyone beautiful is not just a job for Marisol it’s her way of life.

Alison Rea
The Scientist

Once in Alison’s chair she studies every strand of your hair with microscopic precision. Weighing every possible outcome, she scrutinized all angles until that Eureka moment. Then she formulates your process like an Algebraic equation.
From the tiniest baby lights to the cutest sassy bob, no job is insurmountable.

Want to go from chocolate brown to platinum pink? You're just a calculation away. Want to create a years trajectory of hair growth? Get ready for a full diagnostic. Welcome to Alison’s laboratory.