Curly Tips

Cheat sheet for the perfect curls!

Let’s face it, not all hair should to be treated equally. Curls are luscious when treated right and something crazy when they aren’t. Here’s a little styling cheat sheet to help you have the best hair on the block!


  1. Wet Hair
  2. If tangled apply Conditioner and de-tangle by finger combing
  3. Apply Cleanser to scalp, scrub/exfoliate scalp thoroughly
  4. Rinse completely
  5. Apply more Conditioner to ends and finger comb using the “Grid” technique
  6. Rinse/wet a little, NO MORE FINGER COMBING
  7. Flip hair over & shake head, leave hair VERY wet REMEMBER…… THE WETTER THE BETTER!!!!!!!!
  8. Add Styling Product of choice into hands and squeeze into dripping wet hair (scoop hair from ends to scalp and squeeze gently)
  9. Take a non-fuzzy towel or t-shirt and while upside down scrunch well all over
  10. Flip hair back up gently and let curls fall into place (gently put curls into place if they need help using double prong clips for height)

Mini tips:

  • the less you touch the hair while it is drying the better!!!
  • Mist-er Right/Hair Revitalizer/Spray oils on dry hair and scrunch to freshen up curls